What Happens To Kids Who Never Get Adjusted?

AUTHOR // Kevin Donka, DC

A few years back, I was adjusting a family who had been under care for several years. This family consisted of a dad, mom and three children. Prior to receiving care, all three children had been dealing with recurrent ear infections and bad behavior. The oldest, had also been labeled as “developmentally delayed” because she had “learning disabilities.”

As I worked on her children this day, their Mom, was marveling at how their lives had changed with chiropractic care. There had been no ear infections at all. In fact, there had not even been any colds for more than a year now. The oldest, now in third grade, was not only free of her so-called “disability,” she was one of the top students in her class!

As the Mom testified to me about these miraculous changes, she asked me a question I had never been asked before, “What happens to kids who never get adjusted?”

I answered her in the following way. “Well, some kids have a lifetime of recurrent illnesses, much like you and your kids were experiencing prior to coming in for care. But most of them…they are just average kids.” She looked at me with wonder on her face as I said this, and she followed up with another question, “I don’t understand! Are you saying that most kids don’t need chiropractic care?”

“NO!” I replied, “Not at all! Here is what I mean by that. There is nothing wrong with a child being average…if that is her potential! But, what if that’s NOT her potential?

What if she was meant to be something much more than average? Even if she is meant to be what we call average, she will not even reach that level if her brain and body can’t communicate effectively with each other.”

“The only way for your children to reach their potential in life is to have nerve systems that are free from interference so that they can adapt to all of the physical, chemical and mental stresses they encounter each day. That way, their energy can be used to access higher levels of creative thought instead of just trying to get through the day. In other words, they have the best possible chance of reaching their full potential in life!”

She looked at me and began to get tears in her eyes as she realized fully for the first time, just how important their chiropractic care had been. Because her daughter’s disability had resolved under care, she was really able to understand how a person’s potential could blossom with chiropractic care.

Sometimes it may seem difficult to explain the importance of chiropractic care to other parents, especially when their children do not seem to have any symptoms. It is important to remember chiropractic care is so much more than the elimination of symptoms—it is really about expressing our maximum potential in life. If you find it difficult to get other parents to understand, ask them speak directly with your chiropractor. B.J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic once said, “You never know how far reaching something we say, think or do may affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” One short moment, one small word may change someone’s life forever. After all, every one deserves the opportunity to express their greater potential in their own unique, individual way.

Source:  pathwaystofamilywellness.org