Even Toddlers Get Too Much Screen Time

By: To Your Health editorial staff

We’ve spoken at length about the amount of time adolescents, teens and yes, adults spend consumed with “screen” activities – television, computer / laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Unfortunately, the negative health impact of excessive screen time starts can start young – very young. Recent research suggests toddlers who spend too much time in front of TVs, tablets and smartphones are more likely to suffer when it comes to problem-solving, communication and similar skills when they get to kindergarten.

Published in JAMA Pediatrics, the study found that 2-year-olds with more screen time than their peers were more likely to score lower on developmental screening tests at age 3 compared to 2-year-olds with less screen time. Researchers noted the same pattern when comparing screen time at age 3 with developmental tests at age 5. Screening tests at both ages evaluated markers such as communication, fine and gross motor skills, social skills and problem-solving abilities.

By the way, children participating in the study averaged 17 hours of weekly screen time at age 2 and 25 hours a week at age 3. Compare that with the seven-hour weekly limit (one hour a day) advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and it’s clear children of all ages – and adults – have a major screen time problem. Click here for great ways to limit screen time, even in our technology-based world.

Source: toyourhealth.com