Yoga Recommended by Chiropractors

Yoga can help limit the negative impact of daily stress on your life. It can also strengthen your core, calm your body and ease your mind. Many chiropractors recommend yoga as an exercise for their patients and it is also recommended in The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout.

Starting is Easy

There are many yoga websites you can visit to get started right away and in the comfort of your home. If you want to venture out, most yoga studios offer Beginner’s classes so you can get comfortable practicing with other people at your skill level.  Try to encourage a friend or partner to join you. Healthy living is contagious, and you can hold each other accountable on days when one of you may not feel up to a workout.

One of the great appeals of yoga is its low barrier of entry. All you need is a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes and you are on your way to being a master. Classes vary in price, but many studios will offer a discount if you buy a multi-class package. Before you do though, take some time to make sure you have found the right class and teacher for you.

The Right Fit

There are many different types of yoga and it is fun to experiment with different styles to find the best fit for you.  Good yoga instructors share common traits. Their focus should be on creating a positive, comfortable setting for your instruction. Pay attention to ambience when you are sampling different yoga studios. Most instructors will dim the lights and play gentle, comforting music during their classes. Good yoga instructors also know how to manage the volume and tone of their voices so that they can teach the class without dominating your headspace. Listen to the words they say during a class. If they don’t resonate with you, look elsewhere. Test your comfort level before you select a yoga studio and commit to the fee. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to continue going.

Health Benefits

Yoga is good for your entire body as well as your mind and it can be a nice complement to your chiropractic lifestyle care.  A healthy spine and nervous system is essential for a healthy life and promotes the strength and stability necessary for any kind of exercise. It is also valuable in detecting any underlying condition which can help avoid injury so get checked before starting a new fitness or exercise program.