How Powerful an Adjustment Can Be

By Nicole Lopez, D.C.

On April 12, a 1-month-old baby, Leniel, presented to our office with severe discomfort and inability to nurse properly or sleep. He had a hyperextended neck, with his head rotated and fixated to the left, and he was crying a lot. This was making him uncomfortable almost every minute of the day. Even simple things like being bathed or carried were upsetting for him. His parents were very anxious, looking desperately for answers and relief for their newborn.

After a long evaluation, and a specific gentle adjustment to his left atlas, Leniel went home feeling much better. I have never in my practice seen such a rapid response after an initial adjustment. The baby stopped crying instantly and slept the whole two-hour journey home.

On the follow-up call, Leniel’s mom, Danyelly, told us how he was sleeping much better, and that he was able to rotate his head to nurse on both sides with little discomfort. Simple things like bathing happened without any crying after that first adjustment.

Today, after his third visit, Leniel looks like a happy 2-month-old. He is making eye contact and moving his neck left and right without pain. Danyelly explains: “We are so happy and relieved to see our son happy and healthy. Our baby is able to sleep for six hours straight, which is letting us sleep soundly as well. We had no idea how powerful an adjustment could be, nor did we expect the great benefits it would have on our lives. We will continue bringing our son in to be checked by Dr. Lopez as recommended, and we are happy to include chiropractic to our lifestyle.”