The Interference Principle

The Interference Principle brings a very important perspective to health, sickness and disease that should be applied to the health care and lifestyle of you and your loved ones.

The Interference Principle is different than the Germ Theory, for example, which simply states that germs cause disease and if we kill the bad germs we will become healthy. We now know that this theory is severely flawed. In fact, our attempt to wipe out “germs” has created an assault on our immune systems infecting 2 million people and causing a minimum of 23,000 deaths per year, according to the CDC, while creating a new generation of dangerous “Superbugs” that threatens the well-being of society.

The Interference Principle will give you a much greater sense of awareness, control and confidence in your own body and health, and it is built on the following concepts:

Innate Intelligence

You have within you an Innate Intelligence. Present from the moment you were conceived, this intelligence grew you from 1 cell into quadrillions of cells that were organized and specialized to keep you healthy and functioning at your highest level throughout your lifetime. This Innate Intelligence guides the processes in your body that turn food into cells, eliminate waste products, coordinate muscle contraction and communicate with or without your conscious thought to every cell, tissue and organ of your body via your nervous system.

As long as there is no interference to your Innate Intelligence, you have the capability to self-heal, feel great, be healthy and function well for a lifetime. Nurture this Intelligence for the development of your human potential and you will set personal records in all areas of your life.

Unfortunately, there can be interference to the communication and expression of this intelligence within your body. This interference creates dis-ease, disharmony, weakness and imbalance that can cause all types of immediate health problems. Or, this interference can lie dormant and asymptomatic for decades leading to severe health conditions, chronic pain, deterioration and disease down the road.

Nerve Interference can be caused by injuries to the spine such as vertebral subluxations, concussions or other trauma including the birth process, childhood falls and sports. Lifestyle Interference is a result of poor health habits such as overeating, poor nutrition, excessive drinking, prescription and non-prescription drugs or sitting too much. Environmental Interference is caused by toxicity in the air, food, water, or other chemicals as well as accidents or natural disasters. All three types of interference can alter the function of your nervous system and affect your health on every level.

Adjustments to Remove Interference
Adjustments to remove interference from your nervous system, lifestyle and environment can improve your health and quality of life dramatically. Keeping your body free from interference as a part of your lifestyle can help you heal quickly, regenerate and achieve optimum health and peak performance levels for a lifetime.

Your awareness and understanding of the Interference Principle and embracing it as a foundation of your lifestyle will help keep you healthier, younger and stronger every day, regardless of your age. It’s time that you begin living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle and enjoy a sensational century.

Source:  The 100 Year Lifestyle