Head Injuries

An Excerpt from The 100 Year Lifestyle:

The brain injury component of these injuries is vital to address and the leading edge field of Chiropractic Functional Neurology has brought exciting new hope, healing and possibilities to the victims of head trauma.

Just as concerning is the hidden tragedy that every head injury can damage the neck. Since the primary focus at the time of a head injury is the head, the neck is very often overlooked. There are distinct signs of neck injuries, vertebral subluxations as an example, that can be found during an examination at the time of injury, as well as days, weeks, months and even years later.  Due to the focus and pressure rising on concussions, the rapid forward-backward motion commonly known as whiplash has been swept under the rug, downplayed and often ignored. And yet, the vast majority of head injuries also have the mechanism to cause whiplash injuries as well.

Source:  https:// the100yearlifestyle.com/the-hidden-effects-of-head-injuries/