How Chiropractors Can Help Patients with Crohn’s Disease


Although there is limited research on how chiropractic care can help patients with Crohn’s Disease, there are a few very promising studies that have been conducted.

2013 Study
A study in 2003 found that twelve out of seventeen patients experienced long-term positive results from spinal adjustments and consistent remission of their symptoms. Nine people also experienced some lower level of relief of their symptoms with spinal adjustments as well.

The study also found the following results, which further explain how chiropractic spinal adjustments helped patients with Crohn’s Disease.

By correcting changes in the vertebrae that are caused by vertebral subluxation, a common condition of those with Crohn’s, patients had improvement in their symptoms and it prevents future symptoms.
There is a high likelihood that the strength of the muscles that support the rachis correlate with any changes or development in patients’ symptoms who have Crohn’s.
One can expect that through using the Takeda Chiropractic Method in combination with conventional treatment for Crohn’s, side effects of drugs, stable remission of symptoms, and prevention of Crohn’s is a high possibility.
The study shows that it is possible that chronic nerve compression and vertebral subluxation in lumbar and thoracic areas are indeed what have a positive effect on immune function for people with Crohn’s Disease. They were also able to conclude that these nerve compressions of the spine can aid in betting digestion, absorbing nutrients in food and drinks consumed, and helping with excretion and other areas of the digestive tract.

New research published in March 2018 by Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research shows even more promise when it comes to putting Crohn’s Disease patients into symptom remission.

2018 Case Study
This case study follows a sixty-year-old man diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. His symptoms included abdominal pain, cramping, stiffness in all areas of his body, diarrhea, and general feelings of sickness. The man was taking multiple medications for his symptoms but felt as though they were not helping.

After a thorough examination, they found that the man had a poor diet and subluxations on multiple areas of his spine.

After these findings were determined, the patient received treatment, subluxation-centered chiropractic care. Adjustments were made to his spine by using the Full Spine Diversified Technique. They also revamped his poor diet and he followed a healthier diet plan.

This combination of treatments provided the man with an almost complete reduction of his symptoms. He experienced a decrease in the severity of his symptoms and stated flare-ups were rare to non-existent.

Approximately nine months after chiropractic treatment, the man went back to his primary doctor for a full checkup. The doctor found that the man had complete medical remission of his Crohn’s Disease.

Although the scope of each study is limited, and more comprehensive and larger scale studies are needed, the results indicate a promising CAM alternative to conventional medications and remedies. Even if patients do not use chiropractic care and other CAM remedies to solely heal their Crohn’s symptoms, using chiropractic adjustments in combination with conventional treatment can put patients who find medications are not fully working into complete remission.

It is important for Crohn’s patients to remember that speaking with their primary doctor to come up with a proper solution to treat their symptoms is critical. Working with their doctor and a chiropractor or naturopath is best for finding success with this combination of solutions.

Remember that Crohn’s Disease is difficult to treat and not all solutions that work for some people will also work for you. Trial and error will likely be a part of your journey while searching for a remedy that puts your Crohn’s symptoms into remission.

Chiropractic adjustments may or may not work for your specific condition and symptoms, but with such positive research conclusions, working with a great chiropractor.