Load It Up With Water! Water, Hydration And Your Health

By: Rachel Everly

70% of our bodies consist of water because it is a universal solvent and makes up the watery part of most cells. Great emphasis has been laid by health care practitioners and professionals on the intake of water as it gives unlimited health benefits to your body. In the U.S after soft drinks, water has been the most popular beverage till now. However, what should actually be the scenario is that water should be the foremost priority of humans so that they live a healthy life. Drinks loaded with artificial sweeteners and flavoring are nothing but a useless addiction and one should certainly make a conscious effort to increase their water intake rather relying on packed juices and drinks.

According to a study carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2013 gathered some data on the consumption of water from various surveys and concluded that it was below the minimum consumption. 7% of adults reported to have no daily consumption of drinking water. Although this study only took into account consumption of water and no other fluids it is of crucial importance, especially in old age where you need to stay hydrated to avoid buildup of toxins in your body. People looking after their elder parents or relatives should be extra careful about the dietary planning to include enough sources of water and other fluids that they need to lead a healthy life.

Often people who undergo chiropractic treatments need to be properly hydrated as it helps detoxify your body and flush out the unwanted chemicals from the body. It also helps prevent headaches and control nausea.

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

Here are a few reasons to hydrate:

  • Alertness of mind

Usually due to the ubiquitous nature of water, people do not usually prioritize its intake and take it for granted. However, people who have a habit of continuously drinking water know that it helps them focus better on work and increases their concentration span as it keeps them awake and alert. Basically, water fuels you with energy and keeps you going.

To further elaborate this, a study in London has been believed to successfully find a relationship between the intake water during an exam and the resulting grades that you score.

  • Facilitates bowel movement

The most apt solution for constipation and other stomach related ailments is to constantly load yourself up with water so that your gut is lubricated in a way that it stimulates quicker bowel movements hence speeding up digestion. Most obese people face this dilemma of having a slow metabolic rate which makes them accumulate fat. Adding fluid to the colon can facilitate matters in this regard and you are sure to feel rejuvenated from within.

  • Helps ward off sickness

We all know what effect scarcity of water has on our body. Too much loss of water in the form of perspiration or dehydration can make you exhausted and drained. When low on water you tend to get low on energy and this inevitably takes a toll on you. Sometimes the sun’s heat or the harsh weather can be a nuisance and deter you from functioning properly. Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that colds can be totally eliminated by the intake of certain fluids? So why opt for other cold remedies when you have a natural way of going about curing it. Water helps de-clog your passages and also prevent dehydration.

To maintain the natural decorum of things and maintain the body’s water potential and fluid balance, a minimum of 8 glasses of water are a must.

Nutrients need to be transported around the body and also water detoxifies the body. Making a habit of drinking enough water will be a benefit for you only in the long run.


Source:  circleofdocs.com